Where do you set the bar when defining talent? Is it the people who stand out from the crowd? The people with a genius for making things happen? The following definition builds on ability and includes the dimension of impact on you and others. Talent is:

  • A genius for making things happen…
  • With a minimum fuss…
  • Inspiring others to do the same

Talent is often associated with prima donna behaviour – explosive and attention-seeking but undeniably able to make a significant difference. The performances must be good enough to justify inclusion. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that the most visible and vocal people are the most talented.

The more precise you can be in defining your talent challenge the easier it will be to focus your efforts. The table below shows some of the questions every senior team should ask themselves when reviewing their business strategy.


  • BFSI
  • E-Com
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Telecom
  • Textiles /IT/Call Centre/Sales/Customer Service/Business Leaders/Freelancers


  • Front Line Sales/Service & Tele Calling Executives/ Team Leaders.
  • Front Line Supervisors/Managers.
  • Sr. Managers – Assistant General Manager/Deputy General Manager/General Manager.

Regular Recruitment

When a vacancy becomes open within an Organization they engage us as their recruitment partner to find a suitable candidate to take up the challenge. In normal circumstances the candidate who is successful in getting the role will be an ‘active jobseeker’. This ‘job seeker’ will be someone who is active in the job market via posting their CV on the regular job cites/boards/consultancies.

Executive Search

Not all manpower companies are executive search partners as this requires special skills with dedicated manhour. Apparently finding top talent can be difficult, which is why Organizations prefer executive search firms to help them recruit. Most corporate companies who decide to use an executive search firm do so because they don't have the internal resources, network, or perhaps even evaluative skills to recruit themselves. Some companies also use this service to recruit candidates from competitors who may not be actively looking out for a job change, allowing them to find candidates they might not have been able to find otherwise.

We have specialized recruitment services that find top-level candidates for senior, executive, or other highly specialized positions for our clients. We help our clients to find candidates that may not be immediately identifiable in the market and, essentially, avoid the cost of a bad hire.

We utilize a range of personal contacts in the industry, with our in-depth knowledge and find suitable candidates as per client specifications. We conduct detailed interviews and then selectively present candidates to our clients. We also help Organizations draft accurate and enticing job descriptions to draw in a pool of qualified candidates.

We are helping companies, small, medium & large businesses, recruitment firms, and human resources departments with our specialized services in recruiting executives for various industries and can get your senior roles filled in by the right candidates.

If you are looking for a key executive who will be playing a pivotal role in the performance of your organization, the search might be a challenging one. Your in-house team might have the capabilities of understanding the requirements but might lack the exposure to several industries for the selection. It is precisely for this reason that LEAP Inc. will serve multiple benefits to your organization.

Project Based Recruiting/Head Hunting

The workplace culture is evolving constantly with time. With special time bound projects that requires special skills the need for Project based hiring has gone up recently. We assist our clients with specific skilled employees as a contract employee for a defined period after which the contract may seize to end or may be renewed. These employees could be utilised in multiple departments promotional activities, for special drives or for customer service activities.

A few benefits of Project based Recruitment is listed below:

  • Bulk Hiring.
  • Employees need not be in the roles of the Parent Organization, which makes the task easier.
  • Joint Selections - Parent company representative & Payrolling company.
  • Candidates available for Part-Time/Full Time.
  • Organizations can focus on their core functions whilst these specific skilled employees who are experienced with adequate knowledge take care of the required project.
  • Fewer liabilities by the parent company with reduced cost to company without compromising the quality.
  • Payroll process can be minimised as there is no requirement of regular employment that can incur inclusion of special employee benefits and packages.
  • Judge an employee performance and conduct who can at a later stage taken in the rolls of the Organization.
  • All the employee liabilities are taken care of by the Payrolling company, the client company needs to just pay the Salary part rest will be managed and taken care of by us.
  • We screen the candidates as per the Organization Project requirement with all types of established methods to ensure quality manpower, a misfit could result in a disaster.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO)

Recruiting is often at the top of the list for Organizations who are actively growing, and it’s no surprise that Organizations often turn to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). Whether the headcount is increasing or attrition is becoming a challenge, Organizations need a partner who is living and breathing your their recruitment strategy. Partnering with RPO companies can simplify complex recruitment processes, refine candidate profiles, extend reach, and augment talent pools, among many other benefits.

Why Outsource:

Organizations choose to outsource for many different reasons, whether they need help managing the entire hiring cycle or building stronger candidate pipelines. To help crystallize the goals, Organizations must begin by having an open discussions with the talent acquisition partners and internal stakeholders.

Some key questions to be considered before outsourcing Recruitment:

What positions are you outsourcing?

Are these specialty roles within a niche industry?

Are you seeking a partner to handle all open positions across the enterprise, or a few functional areas?

What are you hoping to accomplish with the help of an RPO partner?

Once you have an idea of your goals, you can begin seeking the right RPO provider.

Get to the Core:

Cultural alignment is one of the secrets to a successful RPO partnership. These intangibles can also have an impact on the candidate experience throughout the recruitment lifecycle and the RPO partner’s ability to correctly interpret a candidate’s cultural fit.

Benchmarks and Goals:

Achievable, measurable metrics help facilitate continuous improvement and drive success throughout the RPO partnership. These include time-sensitive milestones, as well as hiring cycle times (e.g., how long it takes to extend an offer) and conversion ratios (e.g., how many candidates a hiring manager needs to see before extending an offer). Providing a clear picture of these expectations can help the Organizations potential partner build a realistic program and stand up a team to deliver results.

Change Management:

When internal functions are outsourced, there is bound to be a period of transition and adjustment to change. A clear plan and open communication will make it much easier. Outline the steps for training, onboarding, off boarding, and dividing responsibilities so that Organizations can understand how and when essential activities are to be altered and handed off to the firm.


The process of hiring suitable candidates according to their knowledge and skills in an organisation is termed as staffing. It refers to the continuous process of finding, selecting evaluating and training/developing a working relationship with current or future employees. There could be two categories in staffing, Permanent & Temporary - also known as On Contract Service. Both these services can be managed internally by the parent Organization or Outsourced to an external service partner engaged and specialized in both these services. Our team is capable and expert in managing & providing both these services for our clients.


An Organizations existence is dependent on the employees that it hires with the existing knowledge, but for the Organization to continue existing and financially grow it needs its employees to constantly upgrade their knowledge, skill & attitude towards the Organization, towards themselves and with their fellow colleagues, that’s where comes the need for Training.

Some of the trainings that are conducted for employees are measurable to an extent with change in their knowledge, Skill and Attitude resulting in increased expected output, however, there are other external factors that could influence these output and may seem to be a gradual time taking process.

Nevertheless, unless you sharpen the saw after a while the saw becomes redundant, hence Training is the most important part for an employees overall growth and in turn for the growth of the Organization with healthy working environment.

We specialize and focus on not only mass training but also on One on One coaching. The training solutions are customizable and could vary depending on the expected impact on Knowledge, Skill, Attitude/Behaviour, and within what time frame it needs to be conducted. Some of the training that we specialize in are given as below:

  • Sales Training.
  • Negotiation Skills.
  • Problem Solving Skills.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Supervisory/Managerial Skills.
  • Customer Service/Customer Care Training.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Team Building.
  • Leadership Skills.
  • Conflict Resolution.
  • Goal Setting.
  • Time Management.
  • Employee Orientation/Induction.
  • Employee Onboarding.
  • Excel/Advanced Excel/Power Point Training.
  • Technical Training.